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Introduction to Union of Centrists

By antidiaploki


The Centrists Union never stops to denounce the wrongs of Greece’s political & economical life and warn against any adverse developments that harm the country and its citizens. However, the positions and the party’s leading proposals is the catalyst that can bring new life to the society and cause a radical restart that will grip the general functioning of the state and set the moral foundations for a system of law meritocracy, dignity and transparency. Besides, what is missing nowadays is the hope for a new beginning, a chance to be expressed only through the truth without being influenced by the share of false promises, without aiming at deceiving the people and with no authority rage.

The Centrists Union party is the only historical continuity of the once mighty Centrists Union party of the late George Papandreou. Established in 1992 by President Vassilis Leventis and is one of the longest standing parties of the modern political life of the country, with constant participation since then in all elections. Emblem of are people of all races, united on the same basis and with the same rights.


Our ideological principles derive from the traditional aspect of the Centre that sets man as its foundation and creates a reality based on pluralism, diversity tolerance, justice, law equality, meritocracy and the absolute equality of all before the law and its institutions . Our great weapon is the realistic depiction of everyday life, logic and objectivity, based on which we judge, control, decide and legislate .

We are inspired from the tough struggles that the nation’s historic leaders gave, who they stood up against other personal interests that traditionally roamed the country and without calculating personal gain , sacrificed everything for the good of Greece. Who can forget moreover Ioannis Kapodistrias who paid with his life his struggle against the landlords and the local oligarchy .

Who does not remember the selfless struggles of Nikolaos Plastiras who died poor or Alexandros Papanastasiou who fought for a non royal republic. Not to mention George Papandreou who fought for equal opportunities, put the Palace, worthily represented the country abroad, but he died being also betrayed because the greek people did not defend the Republic on the evening of April 21, 1967 .

Also another example is Eleftherios Venizelos who expanded the country’s borders amidst wars, taking the place of the great powers of that era and George Mavros who as foreign minister after the dictatorship staunchly defended the country’s honor on issues such as Cyprus, however, he was betrayed and the Karamanlis government had not the skills to properly negotiate such burning issues. Finally, it would be irregular not to mention John Zigdis that essentially founded the National Electrical Company that gave electricity to the most remote areas of the country and laid the foundations for the industrialization of the country.

We believe that Centrism is the only political aspect that was served by people with dignity, they defended vigorously the country’s claims on an international level and never fell down to betrayal, robbery, sleaziness and electioneering. They kept Hellenism living in very critical turning points of history and did so selflessly when everyone else were unable to bear the burden to manage this difficult reality.


During the post Junta era, there were parties and political forces who wanted to hijack the historical centrist place in order to encapsulate the vote of the homemaker, law-abiding citizen.

PASOK was the one who first used the legacy of George Papandreou, making his slogan into a contrast to the undemocratic practices of the Right who constantly sucked the country out. Ultimately, it clearly proved that nothing of what they proclaimed turned into action, instead it integrated bourgeois parties practices, created political party armies by handing out money, offices and high public positions and ended up as another Right wing form that contributed to the country’s bankruptcy and to the complete discrediting and collapse of the political life of the country with scandals, bribes and thefts.

The ND party addressed dynamically the centrist area, especially in recent decades, but also hijacked and betrayed its values, unable to eliminate its authority mania, and the authoritarian management of economic conditions for the benefit of state business and timidity in making reforms and sections in Greek society.

Today, there are several smaller parties and political leaders declaring that they are Centrists, either from shame for their previous ideology where they originate from either in an attempt again to deceive the people and get their vote, taking advantage of the weakening of the two-party system. None of them however presses values on which the Centre has set neither has the political background and the courage to defend the country in critical situations or historical knowledge that will put him on the path of selfless giving to the people, without considering the personal cost. This is mostly for opportunists trying to be heard in order to serve personal ambitions and influence situations, but having the backs and the favour of various small and larger players in the system.


The Centrists Union, with its main exponent who is always dynamic and sincere Vasilis Leventis, is clearly oriented to the Centric Ideology without any distortions and ills. It hopes that the power of truth and logic will ignite the spark and lead the world especially the youth to adopt its proposals spontaneously, not only as a policy proposal and party identification but also to track a personal moral level.

The exclusion of Centrists Union by the media nationwide indented to delay this social democratic reaction wave that demanded any institutional and social, just, logical and feasible changes to the law. In this context, the efforts of ridiculing Vasilis Leventis are also included, a man who only seeks to become the carrier of ideas and the bearer of awakening and revolution, a peaceful and democratic revolution that will bring a much needed reboot of the state’s operations back in health foundations of hope, toil and honesty.

We do not promise things that cannot be realized, we are not financed by interests and in every case we ignore the cost – political or social – that is brought by what we represent. We are aware that nothing in life and in politics goes to waste and are sure that our struggle’s honesty and clarity will be massively recognized when the Greek people becomes disappointed by fake promises, wishful thinking and political correctness. The lack of courage and inability shown by the political system is provoked exactly by the nepotism mentality which we deny and reject.

We want the change to come democratically, without fanatism, we are against racism of any kind but we are open to discussion with anyone who salutes our principles and acknowledge our efforts, regardless of which side they derive from. We “put water in our wine” and adopt new perspectives and suggestions but we always remain solid in matters that we consider they ensure fairness and meritocracy which we consider non negotiable for improving the economical and social conditions of Greece’s image internationally.

We have no ambition to govern and we are currently fighting for the full adoption of proportional representation as an electoral system, since the previous governments alienate the continuity of the state and cause unequal treatment of of our citizens various groups.

We do not believe in saviors because we are sure that the values and virtues of the Greek people themselves are able to bring about change for the country and with the youth as a weapon we hope that they will be infused to the afflicted and betrayed Greek people those that We preach and those for which we fight.

Those who underestimated the Centrists Union, underestimate the Greek himself who has proven many times that he can do wonders when he is united, when it is something worth fighting when a coalition under a common clear vision.

We are confident that the time for justice is approaching for all of us. Nobody can deny the right to hope, and no political or economic situation is not likely to impair the solid values of truth, egalitarianism and democracy. If we all unite under a common purpose, we will do wonders.

This goal is enough to be fully decrystallized assuming that the society will embrace it wholeheartedly as the only way for reconstruction and redemption.

The conditions are more mature than ever and the president of the Centrists Union Mr. Vasilis Leventis as more experienced and invigorated by the support of all those who dream of a new spirit of humanity and dignity, asks the youth to show the way to all who remain losers, deceived and are unable to make their own self-criticism.

Our weapon is the truth and the hope that springs from it and with these weapons we go forth and continue to do so until the final vindication.

Vassilis Leventis – President of Enosi Kentroon – Union of Centrists

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