2015-09-20 08:31:00

Immigration & Illegal immigration

By antidiaploki
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Centrists Union proposes a number of actions for immediate solution to the problem, so that it has been mapped completely and then managed.

Summarized to the following steps:

Registration of all immigrants with mandatory statement of residence and work address 
Deportation of those who don’t have all the necessary documents for legal residence
Providing health care for those illegally staying, until they return to their country
Denying Greek nationality to anyone entering the country illegally
Prosecution to the degree of criminal offense for those employing immigrants who don’t have the necessary legal documents for staying in Greece.
Defining the maximum limit of exporting money abroad for the immigrants to 25% of the total income.
Respect for the human life, irrelevant to legal or no legal residence.
Increased penalties for racist attacks and discriminations based on origin or race

In Centrists Union we consider it necessary for all EU member states, to adopt a common attitude along side with proportionate weight distribution and central planning of the phenomenon of immigration.

With the EU member states adopting a common stance, we ask for registering all migrant  workers, providing a residence card and a permit to apply for citizenship after a 10 year stay.

We ask for stopping any kind of discrimination and persecution against them and equality with Europeans in work  and insurance rights.

We ask banning racist and fascist attitudes and behaviors.

We are obviously worried from the big number of immigrants but we hope that the EU will show willingness to compromise on this issue, as there is no magic solution to this problem by using quota.
Quota is applied when all immigrants are called to register and in addition to controlled inflow of immigrants. Accepting just enough immigrants to cover our needs.

When the number of immigrants that the economy can tolerate is surpassed, there is danger of social upheavals and national sovereignty issues.

The solution, in wich the Centrists’ Union believe, is that EU must realize that we, as a country cannot become the sole recipient of immigrants because we simply cannot deal with the total numbers.

If, for example, we have the capacity to receive 700.000 people, then the rest should be distributed gradually to other states that are in need of manpower.
Alternatively, the other member states can contribute economically so that we provide for the people, until they are able to also receive them.
Greece is a member state of EU and its territories are considered  Europe’s borders to the East. Someone entering illegally in Greece, is entering illegally in the European Union.
It is wrong to say that Greece has for example 3.000.000 illegal immigrants, it is more correct to say that Europe has tenths of millions of immigrants, 3.000.000 of which reside in the small territory of Greece.