2015-09-20 19:43:00

Investive environment

By antidiaploki
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Findings about Tourism

At the end of the Olympic games 2004, the majority of the facilities built for their conduct, remained unexploited.
Our country has dozens of archaeological sites that have not benefit from any exploitation.
Our country has a terrain changing landscape and able to attract large numbers of travelers.
Our country has a large number of islands, inhabited or not largely untapped (lack of organized mooring facilities for small boats – marinas).

It is clear that while as a country, we have natural beauty, ancient heritage and modern facilities which we are able to capitalize on our own, we should reach out to the private sector for their recovery.

The sports tourism, conference tourism, rural tourism and more generally alternative tourism, until today , in 2015, have been left in the hands of a few courageous individuals under adverse economic conditions, prove that is possible from our country to participate in these internationally significant activities. 
In the case of sports facilities and archaeological sites and always in partnership with individuals (creation of public limited companies, with ownership of shares by the State and 49%), to entrust the management to private individuals for 99 years (in the form of rent). 

We give priority to investment proposals from Greeks individuals and businesses and second priority to investments by European companies and individuals, without excluding any proposal, regardless of origin.

We recommend :

Under the Transperancy and Open Government, creating multilingual website * where you have uploaded all the non exploited, sports facilities, public buildings, archaeological sites. 
Coding and create form investment interest (deposit integrated business plan – business plan) for each installation – space – location – area. 

Findings for productive investments

Domestic and non domestic investors, while openly expressing a desire to invest in Greece, which due to their geographical location and climate provide ideal conditions for developing business – productive investments, encounter obstacles in their activities:

Tax system’s Instability
High taxation.
Poorly applied unionism.
High energy costs.
Moderate transport infrastructure (railways, ports)
High bureaucracy and incomplete computerization for speedy handling of cases. 

For the investment environment to work properly it must primarily be implemented the proposal of the Union centrists stood for a reform of our tax system and our business environment.