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Touristic Development

By antidiaploki
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Analogically, Greece with its permanent population (11,000,000) has much more momentum than the most touristic place in the world, France (population 66 million). France outperforms Greece in the alternative forms of tourism.

The importance of alternative tourism in the development of a tourist country should be noted. Motivation for promoting such a strong product is the extra income to state coffers resulting from the influx of visitors and services and local products. In Greece there is the perception that tourism is the activity that has to do with fun tourism. However, additional sources of income for citizens ( securing jobs ) and the state, are alternative forms of tourism that is able to ensure attendance of tourists in a 12-month basis for our country. 

Thanks to the natural beauty of our country, attracting a large number of leisure tourists ( mass tourism ) with benefits: 

Contribution to GDP.
Development of infrastructure and development regions.
Contribution to the balance of payments.
Contribution to employment and economic development of local communities.

There are of course disadvantages:

One – dimensional tourism development.
Tourist product entrapment.
Devaluation of the brand name ” Greece “.
Exclusion from popular tourist activities.

Greece, for many decades, despite the problems of our educational system, has produced specialized personnel that is either unemployed or seeks work outside of Greece in sections where our country could give them work.

At this point we should emphasize that the most important factor for attracting domestic and non- investment in the mass and the alternative tourism, is the implementation of the proposal of the Union centrists stood for reform of our tax system and our business environment .

For the true mass tourism, Centrists Union proposes to legislate tax and establishment of Tourism Company and for alternative forms of tourism, the” Centrist Union offers either to merge the activities of smaller business tourism units or establishing new instruments to existing business frameworks.

In any case , tourism remains the heavy industry of our country, with a large contribution to the GDP of Greece ( 20.4 % , 2014 figures ) and contribution to direct and indirect jobs . Conditions for preservation of mass tourism and the development of alternative , is to improve existing infrastructure such as roads, marinas, railways, aviation and transport.

Alternative types of tourism that remain largely untapped :

Spa tourism (SPA) – associated with visits to tourist sites for the treatment of various diseases (eg the treatment of anxiety , psychotherapy , physiotherapy , relaxation , nutrition , beauty, etc . ) , As well as rest and rejuvenation of body and soul.
Sports Leisure Tourism – linked with all forms of active and passive participation in sports events. Participation may be random or organized, can take place for business purposes or for other reasons. Divided into two categories:
– Active participation in sports events or competitions, such as golf, tennis, football , basketball , rowing , etc .
– Monitoring of European and world cups and championships, Olympic Games and major international tournaments .
Agricultural tourism – grows, as the name suggests primarily in rural areas of the country and is related to social, environmental and cultural values ​​of the region.
Religious tourism – connected with the visit to the Byzantine monasteries.
Sea tourism – includes a range of activities centered on the sea ( charter boats, popular trips cruises etc) .
Cultural tourism – the ideal form of tourism for those who wish to discover and learn about the culture and civilization of various regions to take an active part in seminars and workshops , as well as knowledge of traditional art – Byzantine painting , photography, pottery , sculptures , murals, musical instruments, etc. .
Educational Tourism – addressed mainly to young people. The basic purpose is learning (training of the traveler , acquiring specific knowledge, acquire new experience ) .
Congress tourism – tourist destination , directly connected to the organization and participation in conferences , seminars and exhibitions. In recent years, the congress tourism is growing rapidly and is an important part of the tourism market worldwide.
Ecotourism – a form of tourism that has been developed using the resources of the environment : mountains , lakes , lagoons , valleys , caves, rich flora and fauna. Briefly areas are causing high geological interest .
Medical tourism – a direction of tourism, the aim of which is to organize an economically competitive medical patient care abroad.
Mining / geological tourism – a form of mining or geological browser in areas with present and past in the mining activity.

Major developer , in the model of Agricultural Companies ‘ proposed by the ‘ Centrist Union , is the foundation – pooling – cooperation at corporate , small business and local tourism services , to jointly promote their local services .

Tourist Companies

The purpose of TOUR . COM is a collaborative integration and standardization of tourism – hotels – accommodation and other hospitality services in Greece , based on a geographical qualifier .
Creating and securing the tourist area’s brand name based on geographical qualifier 
Possibility of voluntary participation of all tourism business units of the designated area.
Possibility to have the initial capital and property, real estate units involved.
Possibility of cooperation with other TOUR . COM. (regardless of location) for combinational services .
A TOUR . COM. may engage in the establishment and a subsidiary function and character providing advertising and information services and the laws governing their operation to other areas with better information available hosting services and tourism in the determined geographical area.
Possibility of cooperation with the Agricultural Companies of the region to promote local products of the designated geographical area which both represent.
Tax treatment of TOUR . COM par with any other business which is taxable according to the proposal of Centrists’ Union for a radical overhaul of the tax framework in Greece and improving the business environment .

The proposal of Centrists Union for the combined development of primary production and tourism , aims for the visitors of our country to be able to taste high level of Greek hospitality and high quality food and products of the Greek land alone.

In this way, we achieve maximum advertising penetration in other markets (word of mouth), with much smaller and product promotion costs for the primary sector, as the visitor – consumer has the opportunity , visiting our country to taste local products than to seek for them in his homeland.